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Предлагаем Вам пройти тест для определения Вашего уровня английского языка.

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1) George is French. … a French boy.

2) This is a notebook. Those … notebooks.

3) I’m Russian. … English?

4) I speak Italian. She … Japanese.

5) «What ...?» «I’m a student.»

6) Sorry, I … understand.

7) «... I have a table for two please?» «Sure.»

8) Where … now?

9) That isn’t your umbrella. It’s ….

10) Look at that cloud. It … rain.

11) No, I don’t want … carrots.

12) «Where ... at the weekend?» «I was in the country.»

13) «Why not go to Madame Tussauds?» «I ... there yesterday»

14) «Where ... you yesterday?» «I didn’t go anywhere.»

15) You … work hard to pass the examination.

16) His English is very good. He speaks Italian …, too.

17) I … to Spain

18) Jane… the tickets.

19) Don’t go out. It … rain.

20) Freddy … with a girl when I saw him.

21) My cousin … for my birthday.

22) The woman … came yesterday is very rich.

23) Tom is good at football but John is … .

24) Mary… since she left school.

25) «Please be patient.» He told me ... .

26) «I’m a shop assistant.» She told me that ... a shop assistant.

27) Annabel will come to tea if you … her.

28) I am not as fast as you. You are … than I am.

29) «...Gone with the Wind?» «Yes, I saw it on Saturday.»

30) When I was a child I … a lot of chocolate.

31) The school … last year.

32) Mary enjoys … in Dublin.

33) I think you’d better … to the doctor.

34) Dinner will be ready for you when you … home.

35) If I were you, …this dress.

36) «Have you washed the dishes?» Mum asked me ... .

37) They … so much they could hardly move.

38) I like her. She makes me …

39) Would you mind … me a pencil, please?

40) What about … to the movies tonight?

41) I … here for 7 days in June.

42) I wish I … a lot of money.

43) His car is rather dirty. He …. it before he took us for a ride.

44) If you … gone to the party you would have seen her.

45) «Where isTrafalgar Square?» She asked me where ... .

46) The streets are wet. It … raining.

47) He doesn’t have time to tile his bathroom himself, so he ….

48) I’d rather you … later. I’m all tied up.

49) If you … there again, what would you do?

50) «Can I phone you at 7.00?» «No, it’s too early. I ... .»

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